Enjoy your game here at FGames game unblocked drops you into the middle of a huge forest where you have to fight to become the master. The forest arena is packed with enemies, therefore, you should use all excellent skills to defeat them all before you get eliminated. When you spawn in arena, you have nothing in your hands, which is such a disadvantage for you. To better yourself, go around the map finding a lot of resources then use them to craft some advanced items for your survival. You can even generate some deadly traps to slay other players. Quickly deal damage to anyone that gets in your way before they escape or have a chance to attack you back. As you progress, you can evolve yourself to get stronger than ever. You aim to become the best survivor in free online game. No more waiting, jump into this adventure right now! Much fun!

How to play

Shoot enemies using the left mouse button and use keys WASD to move your character around the map

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