Bomb Town

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Bomb Town is a crazy explosive MMO battle arena strategy game designed with 3d graphics. Play like a Bomberman and survive as long as possible. You’d better become the last standing man at the end of the match to dominate the leaderboard. Bomb Town unblocked is a 3d title in which you will start by choosing the best items for your character. Next, enter the maze and get ready to encounter a lot of aggressive enemies throughout the real world. You can evade or hunt them if you want. More importantly, you must defend yourself from every explosion or you will die.

Aside from killing the opponents in Bomb Town free online, you do not forget to collect power-ups which are revealed after walls are devastated. They can be looted by somebody faster than you. They will provide unique effects. In case you advance to another level, you can cash in victory points for upgrades in the shop. Besides, you can obtain enhancements for your stats with abilities when you progress. Pick the quest and enjoy now!

How to play

Use W-AS-D or Arrow keys to move, Space to place bombs

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